About RAD Light My Way

Claudia dreads this time of day, the journey from her office to her vehicle, it’s a long walk and it’s dark. She tries to coordinate her departure time with co-workers, but frequently she’s on her own. The mace she keeps attached to her key chain does little to alleviate her anxiety.

Claudia’s fear of walking to her car alone in the dark is common. 63% of women say it makes them feel unsafe – more than almost any other everyday activity[1]. In the U.S., parking areas are the third most common site for murders and assaults. Alleys, streets, and sidewalks rank number two[2]. Combined, more than one in six of all violent crimes occur in these locations. Maybe more men should be nervous walking to their cars too.

OSHA requires employers to provide a safe and healthy workplace, a mandate that applies to adjacent parking lots, garages, and the pathways connecting them. Companies must ensure that employees feel safe and are safe walking to and from their vehicles. Almost all invest in proper lighting and surveillance cameras, and many also employ security guards. Even so, the walk remains a scary prospect for many workers. Security guards are rarely available to chaperone individuals all the way to their parking spot. Even if they are, as one worker is accompanied, another finds herself waiting alone for assistance and feeling vulnerable.

Robotic Assistance Device’s (RAD’s) Light My Way™ offers property managers a new and better way to address nighttime security on their properties. A first of its kind, the solution puts the power of security in the hands of employees, tenants, and visitors through the combination of affordable, smart, interactive technology, a mobile app, and live remote monitoring and response services. The commercial real estate market has taken notice. RAD Light My Way is the winner of the 2021 Best Workplace Experience Award, part of CBRE’s annual Supplier Innovation Challenge.

The foundation of the Light My Way solution is RAD’s suite of artificial intelligence-driven security robotic devices. Each features a combination of high-resolution cameras, human and vehicle detection, license plate recognition, responsive digital signage and audio messaging, lights, sirens, and two-way communication with remote monitoring security personnel. Units are available in several form-factors: tower, wall-mounted panel, overhead device, and rugged, autonomous 4-wheeled rover. The devices have already proven effective at performing many of the same tasks as onsite human guards. They deter crime, identify security threats, provide autonomous and human-assisted remote response, and provide “eye witness” documentation of events via high-resolution, recorded video. Monitoring officers receive an alert whenever a device senses the motion of a human or vehicle; in troublesome situations, officers can quickly intervene if the device’s autonomous response is insufficient.

RAD Light My Way layers the capabilities of an easy to use mobile app on top of a “fleet” of RAD robotic security devices stationed on walkways, in stairwells, and throughout parking lots or structures. Via the app, subscribed users (i.e., employees, students, and tenants) can request live supervision and a virtual escort as they walk to their car. A button on their phone summons the attention of a live, remote security officer who has access to all cameras, two-way communication systems, and other integrated RAD technologies. Lights brighten, customized LED messages scroll across all RAD units, and the user can clearly hear and speak to the officer from anywhere in the protected area. The remotely monitoring officer “stays” with the individual until the pedestrian safely reaches their car or destination.

For Claudia, RAD Light My Way is a game-changer. Her company’s investment in the system frees her to take advantage of flex time. She can spend time at the office during the hours she’s most productive and when it’s most convenient for her, not based on when the sun goes down. Instead of feeling like a prospective target for assault as she walks to her car, she feels in control.

Her employer wins too. RAD Light My Way costs a fraction of what onsite officers would cost and delivers an integrated and connected facility security solution with proven results. The solution can reduce vandalism, break-ins, and other petty crimes common in parking areas. Plus, by elevating the quality of the workplace experience, properties can attract tenants, employers can boost worker morale, and companies can more successfully recruit a discerning and diverse workforce.

Isn’t it time for RAD Light My Way to light yours?



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[2] https://crime-data-explorer.app.cloud.gov/pages/explorer/crime/crime-trend