The Unstoppable and Inevitable March of Progress: When Technology Leaves Obsolete Tech Behind

RIIP Blue Light Towers

RAD Light My Way, Pioneering the Future of Security Technology In the ever-evolving landscape of technological innovation, the concept of obsolescence is inevitable. As newer and more advanced solutions emerge, older technologies gradually fade from use, making way for the latest and greatest. This natural progression has resulted in the decline of several tech items […]

Farewell to Blue Light Towers: How RAD’s AI is Transforming University Security

RAD Light My Way

In the pursuit of providing optimal safety for their students, university campuses have long relied on blue light emergency systems. However, these traditional systems come with significant limitations that leave students feeling uneasy. Thankfully, schools are now embracing cutting-edge technology to bolster campus security. Enter RAD’s advanced AI security robots, offering unparalleled protection and transforming […]