Enhancing Safety on Hospital and College Campuses: The Imperative Role of Administrators and Security Heads

In the ever-evolving landscape of public safety, hospital and college administrators face a paramount challenge: ensuring the security of their campuses. This task has become increasingly complex, given the diverse range of threats that modern institutions face. However, innovative solutions like RAD Light My Way, as successfully deployed at Scotland Memorial Hospital, offer a blueprint for effectively addressing these challenges.

The Changing Security Landscape

The need for robust campus security systems is more pressing than ever. Hospitals and colleges are not just educational or healthcare facilities; they are vibrant communities with unique safety needs. The recent case study of Scotland Memorial Hospital in Laurinburg, North Carolina, is a testament to the evolving security needs of such institutions. After an alarming assault in a parking lot in May 2022, the hospital administration realized the necessity for an enhanced security strategy. This incident underscores a critical reality: threats can arise unexpectedly, and preparedness is key.

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RAD Light My Way: A Case in Point

Scotland Memorial Hospital’s response to their security challenge was the deployment of RAD Light My Way, a comprehensive security solution by Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD). This system comprises AI-driven surveillance units known as ROSAs, a cloud-based monitoring platform (RADSoC), and a mobile app providing personal security escorts. This technology not only deterred crime but also instilled a renewed sense of safety among staff. The hospital’s proactive approach, embracing cutting-edge technology to safeguard its community, serves as a benchmark for other institutions.

University student activates RAD Light My Way when approaching a parking garage.

The Role of Administrators and Security Heads

For administrators and heads of security at hospitals and colleges, the Scotland Memorial case is instructive. The primary responsibility lies in not just reacting to incidents but in anticipating and preparing for potential threats. This involves a two-fold strategy: integrating advanced technology and fostering a culture of safety.

Technology, like RAD Light My Way, offers a tangible solution. By deploying such systems, administrators can ensure continuous surveillance, real-time threat detection, and quick response capabilities. However, technology alone isn’t enough. It’s crucial to build a culture where safety is a shared responsibility. Encouraging staff and students to engage with safety tools and protocols is vital.

Balancing Safety with Accessibility

One of the challenges in campus security is balancing safety measures with maintaining an open, accessible environment. Hospitals and colleges, by their nature, are spaces of inclusivity and learning. Security measures should enhance, not hinder, this atmosphere. The Scotland Memorial Hospital’s implementation of RAD Light My Way did just that. It provided security without being intrusive, thus maintaining the hospital’s welcoming ambiance.

The Future of Campus Security

Looking ahead, the role of technology in campus security is set to become even more significant. Solutions like RAD Light My Way not only address current security needs but also offer scalability and adaptability for future challenges. As threats evolve, so must our approach to campus safety.

For hospital and college administrators and security heads, the message is clear: investing in advanced security solutions is not just a response to threats, but a proactive measure to create a safer environment. The case of Scotland Memorial Hospital demonstrates how embracing innovative technology can lead to a significant improvement in campus safety, setting a standard for other institutions to follow.


In conclusion, the responsibility of providing a secure environment for staff, students, and visitors is an ever-present challenge for hospital and college administrators and heads of security. The adoption of advanced security solutions like RAD Light My Way, coupled with a culture of safety awareness, is pivotal. The success story of Scotland Memorial Hospital serves as a powerful reminder of what can be achieved with the right approach to campus security. It’s a call to action for leaders in similar institutions to prioritize, innovate, and invest in the safety of their communities.

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